Cleaning is the bane of most adults lives and we spend a lot of time doing it. Today I thought I'd create a little bit of a post on my top tips on simple ways to create a cleaner house, as I have been living in a student house for the last year cleaning is often done together and is done a lot to keep on top of the mess that a lot of people living under one roof can create. With me shortly moving into my own house I wanted to talk about the tips I've learnt and how I plan to carry them with me into my new house.

Tip One:  Keep on top of it!
When you start out keeping one day a week to cleaning sounds like the best idea, you get to leave it to one day a week and then do all of your cleaning then. BUT what happens when that day of the week arrives and you can't be bothered and it just builds up and builds up! Do something each day around the house and that way it's a smaller task when you do the cleaning rather than one massive job. 

Tip Two: Get a decent hoover. 
I didn't realize how much a decent hoover can change the way you can, recently my boyfriend invested in a Dyson which is cordless and also a handheld, it's amazing because you can clean just about anything with it without carrying around a super heavy hoover. I love the way I am able to clean up hamster food off the floor with the the detachable part as well clean upstairs without nearly dragging myself down the hoover.

Tip Three: Make cleaning fun. 
Okay so this one is a little bit of a strange one and to most of you I am assuming you are thinking, how do you make cleaning fun. Everyone will find this one a bit different but it is about doing what you can to make it fun. So in my opinion putting on some motivational music and using some new products which I haven't tried before makes it more interesting. But of course it's up to you how you go about doing this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love any of your tips in the comments below!

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