I was sat bored in my room when I had a strike of inspiration and I thought it would make an amazing blog series, the idea of the series would be to share an age of my life with you and share the highs and lows and things I found out whilst I was that age *from the best of my memory* this was promoted by some super weird photos I found in my one drive and I thought you guys might enjoy it, even if you don't you can have a good laugh at the horrendous hair styles I was once thought looked good! I thought I'd just quickly mention I am now 21, so it's not that long ago really but I have changed a lot.

Lets talk about hair: 
So when I was 18, I was clearly very confused and believed that short hair suited me, which it really did not. I had hair styles from short all around from long at the front to short at the back, not a good look. The picture on the right isn't particularly great, although the colour is nice it looks like a square again. For some reason I liked the square look.

I was finally legally able to buy my own alcohol although I had the problem of only me and Greg being old enough to drink for a while and the rest of my friends didn't turn 18 until later in the year, I loved being able to go up a bar and purchase something although I have been ID every time since I have tried to buy a drink, goes with the territory of looking 12!

Fun Things: 
From what I remember of being 18, I went to Leeds festival for the second time which was amazing, I also went to see Britains got talent be filmed. I went out for lots of drinks to celebrate birthdays as well as finishing off college and making my decision about university (I made a bad one, oops) and enjoying life really. With a long summer to enjoy I felt it was a good year for me.