If you haven't already been able to tell over on Dungarees & Donuts I LOVE festivals and pretty much throughout the summer write about them none stop. Today I shall be writing about must haves for every festival goer, that includes everything from the basics to a little bit more high tech, but if you need it at a festival the chances are it'll be included within this list! If you're going to a festival this year I'd love to hear about it!

Evo Xplorer Case
This is a must if you are taking your Iphone to a festival, a lot of people resort back to a brick phone for festivals but those who don't this case is amazing as it protects against water (leaking tents, is not the one, neither is rain for that matter!) dust and also impact protection, total must at a festival. It also has sealed access to all of the ports, this ideal for me as I am forever finding mine jammed with all sorts of strange items (totally not crumbs or anything...)

Seems like an obvious one but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who do not actually take wellies to a festival! In the UK it's a MUST else you'll either destroy your shoes with water, mud or something else. Wellies are easy to keep dry and fairly comfy to wear all day!

Aussie Dry Shampoo:
Aussie have created their own festival ready range of dry shampoo and I think these are any festival goers best friend, being a festival you can get greasy, sweaty and not be able to shower. With better looking hair I know when it comes to me if my hair looks good I feel a bit better about myself, so with these dry shampoos they're full of things which make your hair feel good and refreshed.

Another fairly obvious one, but some people don't even take them to a festival. Not only are they the perfect statement piece for any festival look; they are also to protect your eyes and staring at the sun for hours upon end isn't good for any eyes. The sunglasses shop sell some gorgeous ones!

Wireless Speaker: 
I find this one not so much as a must but more something which is good to have at a festival, the reason I picked this particular speaker from Currys is because it's loud, long battery life as well as being on the cheaper side of speakers. You don't want to spend 100's of pounds when it could get destroyed!

Face Wipes:
Can I firstly just say, how cute is this packaging? I am so in love! Back to the reason this has made it into the post, one because they're AMAZING for removing off the dirt after a festival day and especially if you're a make-up wearer this are crucial, I know from experience simple always have great results so I wouldn't hesitate in buying these.

There so many more items I could include in this guide, so let me know if you would like a second part to this post! 

*In collaboration with Tech 21