Since falling in love with make-up more than ever this year I have wanted to get some beauty products from the US over to the UK and I've heard about lots of other bloggers doing this, but I've never had the guts to do it myself as I have always been worried about the risks, that was until I was contacted by the lovely people from My Mall Box asking me if I wanted to review their shipping service and of course I said yes! As soon as I took online to purchase some goodies I was drawn straight to Colourpop, they're a US brand I've ALWAYS wanted to try and I have heard SO many amazing things about them from many other bloggers. So with that I decided I would order from them, so what happens next? 

The Items In My 'Basket'

Before you go through the check out you need to sign up to My Mall Box who will give you a shipping address to use when purchasing the items, the address is actually in their warehouse. When you go to process your order you just send the order to the address you've been given on My Mall Box, some places asking for a billing address so I put the same address as given to me but paid through PayPal so it would actually work as UK addresses weren't allowed to be imputed for some reason. Then started the waiting game, waiting for Colourpop goodies to arrive at the My Mall Box warehouse which I think took over a week but that was down to Colourpop and obviously orders from different places can be different waiting times. 

After a week I got an email from My Mall Box to say my items had arrived and asked if I would like to get them repackaged, I decided against it as I knew what I was ordering wouldn't be massive but if you're ordering from different places and getting them in different orders or a large order I'd recommend paying for it to be repacked as it'll be cheaper postage. After this I was asked to input my address as well which delivery method I wanted to pick. As I was given credit I went for the quickest method which was $31 which isn't even that bad from the US. There are many other price options too dependant on the speed you want it to arrive. I received an email the next day saying it would arrive on Monday and this was Friday, little did I know it was actually on the way to my house and arrived just two days after being received it My Mall Box! I was so happy with the quickness of the service and actually how simple it was to do, I always expected something a lot more complicated and possibly dodgy? BUT it's easy and the website has clear and easy to understand instructions. I would totally order SO many more things from the States after trialling this service.  


Keep your eyes pealed for a Colourpop review post! 

*In Collaboration with My Mall Box