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I love documentaries, I always have. I enjoy to learn new things as well as watch programmes on interesting topics. I have previous done a post on documentaries I love so if you don't enjoy any of the suggestions from this list there's always plenty more to view. I am going to share my list of documentaries everyone should watch at least once, I found these particular documentaries to taught me something interesting and hopefully will do the same for you.

Making A Murderer: 
This documentary shocked me so much I wrote a blog post on it, most of you have properly already seen it but for those of who you haven't it's a shocking look into the justice system which is in place in America in some states. It shows a man who has spent over 30 years of his life in jail for crimes he didn't commit. Totally anger provoking documentary. 

Murdered By My Father:
I watched this documentary unaware of what was about to come in this drama (based on real stories), I was hooked from 2 minutes in until the very last second and couldn't help but cry most of the way through, a very sad but real drama. Although not a documentary as such it features something that lots of women have to go through on a daily basis and shows the real side of arranged marriage.  

Worlds Worst Place To Be A Woman? 
I found it hard to pin point just one documentary that Stacey Dooley has done as she has done SO many amazing ones, but I felt myself particularly drawn to this one as I feel it could of been me. The documentary shows the scary things that women have to go through in Honduras and how many women get murdered there on a daily basis. It's truly eyeopening and makes you want to help them so bad. 

Professor Green: Hidden And Homeless: 
I cannot thank the BBC enough for making this documentary, it's such an eye opening piece on modern day homelessness and the struggles that people go through on the streets. Something can happen which changes your life and leaves you homeless and you end up getting addicted to drugs to help you face the cold, scary reality of being homeless. It is not all what meets the eye when it comes to these people and it's totally made me feel even more strongly about helping the homeless. 

Unhung Hero: 
This was a documentary I watched a long time along but it's stuck with me, it's a weird one as it doesn't affect me directly but it shows what one man will go through to get a larger penis, I think it's a totally eye opening documentary about the struggles men have with their bodies as much as women. 

Meet The Devotees: 
This documentary sent me into a massive rage whilst watching it, I felt disgusted and sad for the people affected. The documentary shares the stories of people who suffer with physical disabilities and people that get off on that. It's awful to see the people who struggle with these disabilities on a daily, be made into porn and their struggles turned into enjoyment.  

Would you like to see a part three to this? 


  1. I've heard of most of these, but i've never got round to watching them.
    I was going to watch 'Murdered by my father' but I thought I would get too upset!

  2. I loved Murdered by my Father! It was an amazing drama, and I could watch it again and again. :)

  3. I've actually only heard of making a murderer before, but these all look so good x

  4. I really enjoyed Making a Murder! It kept me on the edge of my seat! I will be checking out these other docs soon! Thanks for the info! xoxo

  5. All of these documentaries sound interesting. I watched "Murdered by my Father" and found it truly eye opening.

  6. Making a Murderer had me hooked and I watched another documentary this week about a girl who's father is a famous serial killer and how it was through her eyes and how her relationship with her father is and so on x

  7. I need to watch all of these. I love documentaries - my favourite documentaries are by Louis Theroux.

  8. I am a Louis Theroux fan too! I also really enjoyed making a murderer too!

  9. I like the sound of Professor Greens documentary on homelessness its a topic that has always intrigued me.

  10. We were hooked on Making a Murderer. I hope they are going to bring out some more episodes.

  11. Making a Murderer was excruciating to watch but I had to finish it haha
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  12. The only one I've seen is Making a Murderer but I was riveted! Naturally Murdered by my Father would be the logical next one for me to watch.

  13. Great picks! I love the sound of Worlds Worst Place To Be A Woman?, I bet it's really interesting. Need to check it out x

  14. I love documentaries!!!! and actually my former job is related to it. I only watched Professor Green: Hidden And Homeless from your list and eager to watch the rest. Part 3, PLEASE!!!! But where's the part 1 btw?

  15. I love documentaries!!!! and actually my former job is related to it. I only watched Professor Green: Hidden And Homeless from your list and eager to watch the rest. Part 3, PLEASE!!!! But where's the part 1 btw?

  16. I love documentaries so much! I recently watched one called 'interview with a murder' and it was so good! Highly recommend it! Great post as always lovely xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  17. I love a good documentary! I definitely need to watch Murdered By My Father, I saw Murdered By My Boyfriend a while back on TV and it was so sad.
    - Emily from ♡


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