I am loving featuring more fashion elements on my blog at the moment, as I am getting more into my own personal style and you lot seem to really enjoy reading about what I love to wear. For today I decided I would do something a little different, a post about all of the staples I would add to my boyfriends wardrobe if I was giving him a bit of a makeover, of course this is simply for a post and I wouldn't force my boyfriend to wear anything he wouldn't want to. Luke is totally into his band tees, black jeans and the odd jumper so this is a challenge for me in itself. I decided to create this into a wishlist styled post sharing what I would revamp the wardrobe with, different staples such as tees and jackets! I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to see what you would have your other half wear if it was up to you.

Add some colour:
The first thing I would do is add some more fun colours into Luke's Wardrobe, it's all black and grey and especially with summer approaching some lighter colours would be good and make some awesome statement pieces. House of Fraser offer an AMAZING range of tees and polos in bright and fun colours!

Make it smarter: 
This of course isn't for everyday wear, but when we go out it would be awesome to see some smarter and more formal pieces make an appearance, I would add a couple of smart jackets to his wardrobe too. Topman offer some gorgeous jackets and they're all really stylish and fun.

Add a tie (or two): 
I would love to add a tie or two to my boyfriends wardrobe, for when we go to events or parties it would be great to add something a little more smart like a tie and make him look that bit more formal. Dunedin Cashmere offer a lovely range of ties with some fun prints!

I hope you enjoyed this post as it's something a bit different to my blog! P.s. no boyfriends were harmed in the process of making this post.