A few weeks back I was kindly invited to the opening night of  Be At One in Birmingham, by the lovely Sophie from Big Cat. If you don't know about Be At One, it's a cocktail bar with over 200 cocktails to choose from! When arriving at the cocktail bar as it was the opening night we were given tokens on entrance to purchase drinks, me and Helen were given two each which was awesome. The bar itself is underground, which in my opinion is fabulous and it totally wipes out the stereotypes of underground bars being a bit dingy, because Be At One is nothing but upmarket. When looking at the menu it took me and Helen a long time to decide what to have because the choice is crazy, there's cocktails made with just about evening and even mocktails and other cool drinks (like Milkshake!) 

When we first arrived it was still fairly early so it was quite quiet so we picked a table in the corner, the bar had an elegant feel to it which made it feel super up market. I was surpised to know the cocktails were very within price range for most young people and students, as a lot of the time cocktails can be upwards of £10 whereas in Be at one, there were lots under £10 some as little as £6. When me and Helen finally decided on our first drinks I went for a Candy Pants and Helen went for a Singapore Sling, I really enjoyed Candy Pants as it's the typical drink I would go for. During our time at Be At One, we had lots of friendly staff approach us and recommend different drinks and just ask us if we like the bar. For my second drink I went for a Chocolate milkshake as I saw one being made earlier and I didn't fancy anymore alcohol as I am not great at handling my drinks. Overall I think that Be At One will do amazing in Birmingham as it's in the centre and about a 2 minute walk from the station.