Those people. Whether you've known them six months or six years sometimes it's just time to remove them from your life, they drag you down and generally make you feel worse about yourself. You call them your friends but in fact they are just people you are carrying around for safety kind of like that old blanket you still have on your bed because it once gave you comfort. When you're having bad days instead of bringing you up and elevating your mood these people knock you down and make you feel ten times worse than you did before.

Those people will make you feel like you will never be good enough, you'll try be confident but somehow they'll make you feel tiny, those people are not your friends. I believe we used to be friends, I really do but something changed and it's kind of like a break up something just isn't right anymore and that's ok. Those people who cancel on you everytime you are supposed to meet up or just turn up four hours late for no good reason, you don't need them in your life. You deserve friends in your life who meet you when they say they will, and actually try to see you as much as you see them, those are your real friends. When you start loosing more friends as you grow up and you start to feel like maybe it's you, don't feel that way. Some people just aren't worth hanging on to and to be honest they may be there, but they're really not are they. We all have those 'friends' who we don't hear from for months until you write a Facebook status which involves possible gossip and they are suddenly there ready to talk when in reality all they want is the next piece of gossip.

It's important to remember those friends you once had were your friends when you were a different person and so were they. The ones you sat with at school during lunch and who made you smile from day to day, and now you're just Facebook friends and haven't spoke in years there's a reason people drift. Life changes people, you become someone totally different and I know for a fact I have. I've changed my name, I've grown up and I am damn stronger than I was back then and I am a lot different and if those people don't like that, then it's their loss, not yours. Along the way I've also gained some seriously cool friends, ones who have stuck by me when I needed it the most and brought me up rather than down and that is the way it is supposed to be.

 I've also made some more friends who didn't make it so far, and became yet more dead weight and although I see them around from time to time you release they were dragging you down and you can't go back there. When you grow up it doesn't matter if you have 1 good friend you don't need lots of 'friends' around you to make you feel good because you can do that all on your own, come on you've got this. Remove those toxic people from your life, because nobody deserves to be treated like a spare part, this is your life and your story and you can make it a wonderful one.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.