How have I already done SEVEN of these posts I'll never know, but yeah hi guys! Happy Sunday and I hope you're ready for another Sunday Six like I always say, I love to write them and it gives me great pleasure to share what I love with you guys along with some amazing blogs. I've had a pretty busy week this week and I can't believe how close to the end of the month we are already, I can feel 2016 is gonna fly by as fast as 2015! As usual if you have any ideas of what six you want me to write about leave it in the comments.

Six things I could eat everyday: 

  1. Pizza
  2. Cake
  3. Chocolate
  4. Apples
  5. Cheese
  6. Mushrooms
Six shows I need watch on Netflix: 
  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. Orange is the new black
  4. Forensic Files
  5. 90210 (again)
  6. Would you rather 
Six things I love to drink: 
  1. Pepsi Max
  2. Blue Lagoon
  3. Purple Rain
  4. Fresh Orange
  5. Bottled Water
  6. Lattes 
Six bad habits I have: 
  1. Humming
  2. Swearing
  3. Snoring
  4. Sleep Talking
  5. Being Loud
  6. Leaving washing in the dryer
Six things I would love to change about myself:
  1. The length of my hair
  2. My weight
  3. My eye colour
  4. My awkwardness
  5. My feet size
  6. My boob size
Six blogs which rock my socks off: