Phonecase love

I last did a post all about my love for phone cases in March, since then I have bought many more so I decided I would show them to you. If you are interested in seeing my previous post feel free to click here since buying an Iphone 5c a little under a year ago I am addicted to purchasing cases, and whenever I go near Claires on take a ponder on Etsy I usually end up with a new phone case, all of the cases mentioned in my previous post do still exist they just went missing in moving and are somewhere in my room. I usually go for quite 'crazy' cases if you couldn't already tell by the unicorn and elephant.

I go for bright cases because why not first off, and secondly why not make your phone fun? All of the cases in the picture are from Claires except the watermoon one which is from Electric Melon which they kindly sent me and if you want to purchase any of their cool cases, you can from here! I love having bright phone cases as they never get lost in my room as you can see a bright neon unicorn from miles away! I usually spend around £8 on a phone cases and keep it on my phone for around a month before getting bored of it, but when I rediscover it later on down the line, like I did with the pink and blue one yesterday it's fun as it's like a brand new phone case! I will happily keep building up my collection, and I think I will be pretty gutted when I get a new phone as I will have to start all over again *sobs* but for now, I am happy with my collection and my phone.

Where do you purchase your cases from?