Breo have featured on my blog many times previous to this one, with some of their amazing watches here and their lovely red Vox sunglasses here. This time I am here with an amazing sunglasses haul for you lovely lot! Some of you may notice I keep it to the minimum that I am actually featured within my blog as I am terrible in front of a camera, and I don't do any make-up tutorials. But I decided as I can hide the majority of my face I would do a post featuring these gorgeous sunglasses! I am a huge fan of bright coloured sun glasses so went for the brightest ones I could find. I usually love wearing sunglasses at any given opportunity as I don't usually tend to get a chance to wear glasses, until this year where I have to wear them all of the time, but I feel like this are a bit more fashionable and with lots of bright frames it gives me chance to wear them with some of my more 'dull' fashions, such as shorts and a tee. 

Currently Breo have a great offer where if you buy one pair, you get a free spare pair! I have found Breo frames to be great quality in the past as the glasses I got previously are still amazing and going strong, the majority of these glasses are around the £25.00 which can seem more expensive when you can pick up a pair in Primark but the quality makes them worth the money. Now it is time to go and put a pair in all of my bags, ready for those sunny days I hope we get *crosses fingers*

Breo sunglasses 1
 Sunglasses One

Breo sunglasses 2
 Sunglasses Two

breo sunglasses 3
 Sunglasses Three

sunglasses 4
Sunglasses Four

*This post contains samples!