Pandora Fairytale Charm and Bracelet

Pandora Bracelet
For aslong as I can remember I have lusted after a Pandora Bracelet, I was recently offered the chance to review something from the Joshua James website and decided I would finally go after my dreams and get a Pandora Bracelet. I love the idea behind a charm bracelet as you can collect pretty charms throughout your life, and they can signify different events. Once a person has a charm bracelet they are able to keep adding charms, I went for a gorgeous Fairytale book charm as my first charm because I think it suits me as a person and also reminds me of growing up, I went for the heart clasp bracelet as opposed to the normal one as I felt like it looks prettier and also like another charm to me, I love the fact that bracelet is silver and isn't heavy despite it looking fairly heavy.

 I plan on adding so many different charms to my bracelet at some point in the future, I have my eye on a couple of  Disney ones as well as some Summery ones, I think a charm bracelet is great for collecting memories on as you are able to keep them going and wear them with you everyday and it's a great keepsake and I plan on keeping this for a very long time. I am so over the moon that I finally have a Pandora Bracelet in my life after owning a Pandora Ring (which I reviewed here) for the last few months and wearing it on my finger every single day. Thank you so much Joshua James for sending me this beautiful bracelet and charm!

*I was sent for a review, and my opinion is 100% honest. Prize will be sent out within 48 hours to winner, all terms of the giveaway must be completed to win, anyone who doesn't will be disqualified and not win the prize.