There is so many beautiful places in the world which I dream of visiting, and one day hope to at least visit some of my travel bucket list! I thought I would make a little bit of a post today sharing with you the places I'd love to visit, as it's almost summer and that always get me thinking about holidays and travelling. I've got a range of beautiful places in my head and I thought I would share my top 3 with you today.

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Australia has just been one of those places I have always wanted to visit, I think it's great that you can go during our winter and it's their summer, perfect for holidays early in the year. I have seen many amazing things about Australia, and what it is like to live there I just want to experience it for myself, from the hot weather, to the amazing sites it sounds like a great place to explore. I'd love to make it more of a travel around Australia rather than a week or two holiday I'd love to experience it for a few months, and visit all of the gorgeous places Australia has to offer, not mention those beaches!

San Francisco 

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The home of the Golden Gate Bridge, which to visit has always been a dream of mine after seeing it in so many films growing up, it was my dream to drive it myself so maybe I'll wait a little longer until I visit, I've been to the USA previously, but California is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. So many nice beaches, so much shopping, food and site seeing sounds like a dream to me. I'd love to spend months in the states because two weeks just isn't enough and it always makes me sad to leave!

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Now this is one of the three I have already visited but when I was a lot younger with my grandparents and didn't experience it how I would now. I feel now it would be perfect to go with a boyfriend as it just seems romantic, visiting the Eiffel tower, strolling around Paris, so many things to see. I want to sit in France and enjoy their gorgeous food and go to the cute markets as well as using the French language knowledge that I already know, p.s. aren't crepes just a winner?