Spring Cleaning with George at Asda
Spring Cleaning with George Asda

After a few years of having the same boring room, I finally decided to upgrade a few things and get some new bits and bobs to make it look a little more pretty! If you know me you know I am a huge girly girl, who loves all things pink and heart related. But my room felt a little childish and was in a serious need of a revamp and a more of an adult touch!

 The first thing that needed revamping in my room was my bedding, I've had the same old pug bedding for a fair while new and as much as I LOVE it, I think it was time for a new one so I went for this gorgeous flower and butterfly one, I love the simplicity of this, as it's still SO pretty and elegant at the same time.  Every grown up room needs a throw right? I used to have one but my mum decided she would have it as it spent more time on the floor than on my bed itself, I think it just gives that little bit of a nice touch to a bed.

Next I finally got something I have needed for sometime, a bedside cabinet which is perfect for me to keep my hair straighteners and products in, also a perfect place for me to show off my gorgeous Russian dolls! On top the of the cabinet is some gorgeous heart lighting, which I think is great for at night to add a bit of an extra feel within the room! Underneath the cabinet I decided I would put this gorgeous heart candle holder (noticed a theme yet?) which just adds a bit of glam to the room.

On to my desk, the place where I spend the most time in my room (apart from bed obviously!) I think it's important to have a nice work space, on my desk I have some coloured pens for when I am taking notes and things, I have my computer for when I am blogging and I finally have a decent chair after using the worst one in existence- this one is perfect as it has a back rest, and is good if you are sitting in it for a long time. Also on my desk you may notice a cheeky Soda Stream which is something I have wanted FOREVER it's the perfect way to create a nice refreshing drink whilst blogging! If you haven't got one of these in your life you are missing out. Also on my desk is a little Star Bowl where I can keep all my hundreds and thousands of memory sticks, I swear they're breading!

The final part of my room in need of a revamp is my make-up area, after having draws on top of the space up until recently, when I moved them off the surface it looked empty so to fill this space I decided a little heart ornament would look beautiful and also some boxes, in heart shapes which have mini ones inside which is SO cute and also a set of matching floral drawers perfect for keeping my trinket items! To finish off the room I added a super cute lamp, vase of flowers and a washing basket!

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