The library of Fragrance

A little bit of a different product this week, but still amazing all of the same! If you haven't heard of these little beauties you are missing out that's for sure. These are perfumes from The Library Of Fragrance, there is something so unique and special about this brand and their amazing range of perfumes, and that being the creative scents and despite their name they all smell delicious. I have looked at their range and some of the stranger sounding scents include Dirt, Leather and even Play Doh (I do LOVE that smell though).

When choosing some fragrances I decided to go for Marshmallow firstly as it's always a scent/flavour I always go for, my friends will know about the Marshmallow vodka in the past, I went on whim with this scent because it sounds sweet and sickly and the perfect scent for me, and my guess work paid off I am in love with this fragrance and it smells so different to any normal fragrance I own e.g. Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't buy this if you don't enjoy strong smelling fragrances but for me it's perfect and I love the idea that it's called Marshmallow so I can tell people if they ask and get strange looks! Second fragrance I went for is Cherry Blossom, this to me just sounded appealing and summery so I had to choose it, I had no idea what to expect with this as it's not really anything I can compare it to. But once again it was a good choice for me, it's a statement fragrance and smells very girly and fruity and perfect for nights out or just one of those surprise fragrances.

I love these fragrances because of the size of them, they are easy to carry around in your handbag, and also SO unique and so many creative scents, so if you fancy being a little adventurous take a little look at The Library Of Fragrance*.