From any early age university is always on the cards, and seems like it's the option you must take to get a job, throughout college I was unsure about what I wanted to do (still am now) so decided to do a foundation degree which is a follow on from the college course I was doing. I am doing my final year at the university and am ready to progress to that level. But from knowing people who took the university route and dropped out or who took a different route e.g. getting a job or an apprenticeship you can succeed in whichever route you take.

Now I am not saying you shouldn't do university because for some careers you do need it and also that is the right path for some people, although it can be tough and sometimes being a student isn't everything it's cracked up to be, although the freedom is good and getting a sense of living on your own. The worst part I've found out about university is it sucks the life out a topic you used to be passionate about, and now can't even stand it.

I envy those who can handle university and come out with a degree and get into the field they want, because that is most peoples dream after university, but it's those who struggle and are still stuck with the huge amounts of debt, when you are a young student you don't think about the debt as it isn't something you have to worry about right now, only later in life does that become something which you have to worry about. I feel it's wrong that university is pushed on you from such a young age when hardly any people have an idea of what they want let alone for the rest of their life.

The other pro of university is the fact that you can later use your degree for another subject and having a degree on your CV does make you more qualified than those who don't be it doesn't mean you can't be successful without a degree.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, and should be one made with care- consider your course a LOT because sometimes you change your mind and you can end being stuck which isn't nice. Also it's always worth looking into other options first as you can go to university at any age!