After all the sweet smelling candles of Winter, I think it's perfect that Yankee Candle have brought out a range of spring candles titling their range 'Pure Essence' which in itself sounds clean and lovely.  It's great for a change from all the sweet smelling candles around Christmas and Winter as much as I do love them I am ready for some new fresh smelling candles. Their are three candles in this range Aloe Water, Shea Butter and Cassis. Each of the new collection is able to be bought in six sizes ranging from a Large Jar to a Wax Melt. All of the Candles featured below are part of the Small Jar range and are perfect for a smaller lasting candle when trialing and not sure if to buy the full sized one, or for smaller places e.g. this size would be perfect for a university room.

I love the colour of this candle it is something I would usually be drawn to. I love the smell of this one, it's smells like a mix of berries- mainly blackcurrant but still somehow smells fresh. I would love this candle in my front room I think it would be the perfect scent to walk into after a long day. This candle is the most sweet smelling out of the three and perfect for those who love that sweet kick in their candles.  

After seeing the colour of this candle I expected to like this candle the least and reading that it's Aloe Water (instantly made me think of Aloe Vera) I actually was pleasantly surprised at how much I love the smell. This candle smells clean and crisp with a hint of Aloe which actually compliments quite well, I think it's a perfect scent for the start of spring and it's a very relaxing fragrance which I would love on a night or after a stressful day.

This is my favorite candle out of the three, such a gorgeous smell. The smell itself reminds me of sun cream. The Shea Butter Candle has the clean scent you would except it to have but also has an element of fruitiness. Perfect for when you're having a relaxing bath as the smell is lovely and sweet and not too over powering, especially great if you've got a bath bomb on the go as well.