A couple of weeks back I was invited to attend a Spring Fix Beauty event in the Birmingham Bullring, originally I was interested to know what this was about, I actually like Spring Cleaning because I have SO much stuff I definitely do NOT need so I was ready for this! As part of the event they were offering makeovers free of charge and they were also holding a Beauty Amnesty where if you gave up 5 pieces of old make-up you would get a £10 voucher for anywhere in the Bullring (Boots or Superdrug anyone?) which I think is fabulous! So I happily gave up some of my old lipsticks and a foundation! When I arrived I had my hair styled by an amazing Umberto Giannini stylist Called Rikki. I usually wear my hair straight or up, I don't remember the last time that I actually had it curled, I wasn't sure I would like it but it turns out I loved it and would definitely wear my hair like this again! 

After looking around and watching others get their make-up done I was presented with a voucher to spend in the Bullring in regards for attending and reviewing the day, at first I decided the sensible thing would be to buy some clothes, because I currently need some due to loosing weight and after a while of looking at clothes I didn't actually see anything that I fancied. So instead, I did what a beauty blogger does best and headed for Selfridges, and you've probably already guessed what I bought.. 3 MAC lipsticks. Que an eye roll from my boyfriend, but I decided I wanted them and I hardly have any reds/lighter shades in MAC lipsticks as I usually go for BRIGHT colours. I originally considered Morange but they had sold out *boo* I kept £15 of the voucher for when they get it back in stock because I thought it would be a perfect addiction to my collection. 

I had a really fabulous time at the Spring Fix Beauty Event, and it's a great way to get people involved in Spring cleaning! 

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