How often are you actually impulsive? Is the question which I have for you today. Many of us prefer to live on the safer side of life, with making sure everything runs to plan but that's no fun. As a beauty blogger one of my main times I am impulsive is when I buy new make-up product! It's actually good thing to be more impulsive in your everyday life, say yes to things you wouldn't normally do. Go out for a spontaneous meal, take a random trip, live your life and enjoy it! A recent survey by Diet Coke showed that only Three out of ten women only do something out of their comfort zone a few times a year, which is pretty sad really.

Life should be about living, and experiencing things. Now you may be asking how can you bring out your impulsive side more and become an impulsista' well there's many ways in which you can do this, depending on what your goals are. To meet new people, go out with your friends, ask them to bring their friends getting to know a whole new group of a people. Go on dates, be risky and take the leap into finding yourself a new romance. Dye your hair a crazy colour which you've always wanted to go- that includes that bright pink you've always wanted to go. Wear that new dress you bought but you are too scared to wear out, you can do it. Go on a random romantic weekend away with your loved one or even go and surprise a friend. There's so many things you can do be more impulsive in your everyday life.

It's also important to step even MORE out comfort zone and do something you have wanted to do for sometime but never had the guts to do. Now i'm not suggesting you pack up your entire life and move to a different country or anything like that (unless you want to of course) but there's other awesome things you can do, like get yourself that new job you've always dreamed of, start yourself a business, get married, have a child or even go back to university and study again, life is about living and being the best you can that you can be. Although you can't change the past so there's no point in Regretting it, you can share your future so you can Regret Nothing.

* This post is in collaboration with Diet Coke