I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Microsoft, asking if I would be interested in trialling one of their phones, as a previous owner of a Windows Phone I was curious to see what changes had been made and how well I adapted to the phone. As always my review will be 100% honest, as it would be unfair of me to share a dishonest review. Although I am not a tech blogger I thought it would be interesting to review something different. So the phone I am reviewing is the Nokia Lumia 735- a bit different than the previous Nokia Phones I've had (we all remember those days)

Nokia Lumia 735
Phone Nokia Lumia 735

The Look:
The first thing which I noticed about the phone when I took it out of the box was it's amazingly bright, which I think is awesome because you don't need to have the added thing of a case on the phone. If orange isn't for you I know the phone comes in Green, Black and White. Compared to the size of my current Iphone the screen size is a lot bigger 4.7" to be precise. Perfect for watching Netflix on the go or even Youtube videos. The only downside to this is fitting it into a small place like a pocket wouldn't be as easy as some phones, but I guess that's the price for the large screen. This phone is a LOT lighter than your average phone, due to its size you expect it to feel heavier than it does.

This phone is known as the selfie phone so of course I had to take a cheeky selfie! I found it amazing that there is an app for selfies and when you take the picture it takes you into a further guide which has options to edit there and then perfect for those nights out or pictures on the go. The front camera is 5 mega pixels which is pretty good for a front camera with the back camera 6.7mp which is great quality and would be perfect for taking blog photos on.

On the Lumia 735, I used the sound for a couple of different things like Spotify and also to speak on the phone, one huge difference I noticed from my current phone is how clear the sound is, which is great for phone or skype calls. Also the speaker plays loud enough to listen to your music without a speaker although it isn't as clear when you do this (hence why most people have speakers)

This was one of my favourite aspects of the phone, the fact you can make the home screen your own, by pinning apps and changing their colours to the front screen, I am a girly girl so I went for the pink icons, I like how I can make them different sizes so I can put more on the front screen and it always looks neat and tidy, my favourite apps to have pinned were the Selfie App, Netflix and Twitter as they are the essential apps.

I found this phone amazing for playing games and using apps on because the colour is so vibrant and everything looks crisp and clean which is amazing phone for phone quality. I loved playing candy crush on this phone because it just made it so much more alive and the colours looked awesome!

Overall Verdict:

My overall verdict for this phone is that it is an easy to use smart phone, with fabulous colour and can be a bright coloured phone to match your personality. I loved being able to personalise the apps I have on my home screen. I did find the phone to be limited with apps, e.g. not having Snapchat, but there are still great apps on this phone, if you are a selfie lover I think this phone would be perfect for you because you can always take them on the go.