Fill and Go Brita

The latest in water filtering technology by Brita*, The fill and go is a water bottle which is perfect for on the go and super easy to filter tap water which gives you two amazing things- a reusable bottle and cleaner tasting water which is overall cheaper than bottled water. The bottle itself is easy to clean and reusable with only the filter needs to be changed around once a week, you can buy a box filters which lasts a month. In comparison to a filter jug which you can have in the fridge I find this one to be a lot more easy and simple and in my price range.

 On to one of my favorite features of the bottle, is the coloured mouth piece and around the bottle, it comes in four awesome colours: pink, green, blue and grey. Obviously as it's me it needed to be pink. I love the way the bottle isn't too heavy, great for having in your bag for on the go and you can fill it up anywhere and still get perfect tasting water. I love the fact that is dishwasher safe, so I don't even have to wash it, and the fact it holds 660ml of water. The only bad thing I would say about this bottle is it does take a little longer to drink due to it having to need to be filtered first, so it does feel like you have to suck a lot to get the water out.

The bottle itself costs £14.99 which you may see a little steep for a bottle right? But if you think of the amount it costs you for each bottle of water, you soon get your money back. The disks themselves are £24.00 for 16 but if you think of that in weeks and months that will last you four months which isn't bad at all. I love the Fill and Go, due to the tap water from around Stafford is gross and this makes it more manageable.

Will you be investing in a fill and go?