Why is bullying a thing?

I've been one of those people from the age of 8-16 who was bullied for every little thing, it started being about me being ugly and weird (this is coming from other 8 year olds!!). I didn't like the same things everyone else did, I was shy and hardly spoke this made me fall victim to their torment. Years went to by and as we got older the insults got worse, in high school boys would take it in turns to ask me out for a joke and then see who could 'pull me' I was scared after that of any guy who would talk to me in case it was just a joke. I got a lot of acne through high school and you'll never guess what happened? Yep I got bullied for something completely out of my control, things like the equator were called to me and even one time it got as bad as one guy drew me on the whiteboard and labelled it me. I would never tell anyone except my friends because you know the way it goes, if you open up to an adult about it, the chances are it'll get worse. I'd get insults from girls too about the fact I didn't wear make-up simply because I didn't own any and this is still something that stays with me when I don't wear make-up. There's loads more but I don't want to bore you with my story...

So in 2015, bullying is just as bad, in fact it's worse due to current technology, you used to be able to escape school and hide out at home. But now the bullies can follow you home, on your phone, computer and other technology devices, on any kind of social media, they can leave you comments and even if you block and report it, it still doesn't stop. It's got to the point where more young lives are being taken due to this factor, I mean how on earth could someone as young as 8 take their own life, it's beyond sick. What I'll never get is the reason people think it's okay to bully others? I understand bullying is a thing which is never going to stop, in fact it will probably get worse. What I'm curious to know is why do people think it's okay.

 I've got several theories about bullies, who knows if any of them are even true, the first being pack mentality this is something I have recently thought about. When people are in a group they think they are untouchable especially to one person on their own, because lets face it one person isn't going to fight with a group of 4 plus people. Second being to make themselves feel better, which is one that has always gone around, e.g. jealously but I am not sure that's it anymore, seems more than that. Thirdly, because it's happening to them, they feel the need to make someone else feel how they do just like the food chain, see someone who is below you (check out this video to see an example of this! ) Finally just out of boredom, I mean you're bored why not make someone else feel like crap? (Note the sarcasm)  who even knows which is right, if any of them?

I hear about so many people being bullied and I know personally how it can effect you long term, I mean those memories may never leave you, but when someone calls someone a name, or torments them I doubt they even think of the long term consequences which they really should, it may make you look cool at school, or whatever but think of what it is doing to the person you are doing it to? Will they recover from that? Will they always think that? At the end of the day I know one post or even 1000's won't stop bullying, but if you are bullying someone I'd recommend taking a long hard look in the mirror or at this post and think again, and for those who have been bullied or are being bullied, don't let the bullies win, you're better than that, don't forget it.