Some of you may find this strange due to my boyfriend writing the original post which has got everyone annoyed this morning- for those of you who don't know what I am talking this is the post. Although I adore my boyfriend, I think he has been incredibly stupid in writing this post and asking for what he has been given. I am extremely confused by this post due to also being counted as 'plus sized' and when he met me I was actually very overweight. I think that at the end of the day happiness, is what is important e.g.what was mentioned in my skinny shaming argument. I would like to point out to those who think I am anything to do with it, you are VERY wrong. Not only do I think Lukes post is disrespectful and sexist, it also to me comes across, that everyone who is plus sized is also being called obese.

 I may not be the exact healthy weight for my height, but I have been both ends of the spectrum, and I actually prefer myself with more weight than not. I constantly looked ill when I was 'skinny' but then again it depends on who you are, what you are doing etc. If you are "overweight" and love your body then go you! If you are skinny and love your body also go you! I am against any kind of shaming because at the end of the day just because you are a bigger/smaller clothing size doesn't mean you are unhealthy in all accounts. Not everyone who is overweight is going to get ill from it also the same with skinny people. But obviously there are extremes which need to be considered for example if it is seriously damaging your body to the point where you may actually die it should be considered to take action. Some of you may of seen She Might Be Loved post opposing Lukes view if you haven't feel free to click here to read. I actually agree with her and in fact she is one of my role models because she is BEAUTIFUL, and more importantly happy and I am so proud of how far as a blogger she has come and that she has been signed as a face of a brand is fabulous!

I know some people are extremely overweight and this can be a problem, but if it isn't affecting you and you are happy with yourself, then stay who you are. Besides what even is a healthy weight, just because the NHS says what is healthy and what is not, I don't think it is what we should exactly live by. I believe that if you are happy with yourself then that is fabulous I don't think weight comes into what makes you beautiful, a personality can make you beautiful, you can still be 'overweight' and incredibly beautiful.