Bras isn't often a subject which I see covered on Blogs, I am unsure as to why this is, but I am pretty sure it's due to the fact that it is deemed as personal, which to be fair it is. But we as women buy them like jeans, t-shirts etc, so why not share our faves with other bloggers? I thought I'd share with you my favourite bras today, some of you may not like this kind of post and I do understand that but I decided against wearing them as that is not something I feel comfortable doing. 

 Claudia Satin Balconette £28.00

I saw this bra during a recent shopping trip, and I had to have it, it's such a luxurious product. As my bio says I love anything pink, this includes bras! It fits perfectly and feels good on and doesn't dig into you like some bras (mean bras...) I like the look of the straps on this bra as they aren't plain like some bras and they match the bodice. I find the little bow adorable between the cups and think it ties in the black from the top of the bra to the rest of the bra, the back of the bra is also black so it compliments it well. 

A longline bra is a style of bra which I have heard of many times but never personally bought one, after seeing this gorgeous Elle Macpherson longline bra on Bras & Honey, I decided I would try a different style for once and I am glad I did. I feel like it gives me tons more support than any other bra I've tried previously. The cups look elegant and gorgeous with the black sunflowers. This bra is so comfortable to wear. I love the fact it's long and I find it strange girls out on tops as long as this bra.. call me old fashioned I guess? The straps are easy to adjust and I can see a treat of some longline bras coming up very soon, especially perfect for when I loose the weight I want to loose! 

Primark £3.00 

I hear you, Primark bras can sometimes be awful quality and last about two weeks, but I am actually impressed with this bra, it cost £3.00 in their sale which is pretty awesome. I'ts a lovely bright bar and perfect whilst I am loosing weight, the only problem I have with it is the colour does come through some of my t-shirts and it doesn't have as much support as other bras but for £3.00 I can't really complain and I always use Primark to stock up on bras.