Some of you may be aware of my #sharelove campaign which I started on Tuesday on twitter, it was originally started as I couldn't go into university due to anxiety and felt like I was wasting the day, but couldn't motivate myself to blog. So instead I decided I would make someone else feel better about their day, it started with a few and then I had this amazing idea to do it for 48 hours with anyone whose ever inspired me, who I think is fabulous or I just saw somewhere on twitter. I decided to share a compliment with them, each one was personal and before I knew it, it had been two days and over 800 tweets later, I had attempted to make people have a better day.

The idea behind the campaign was to show people that there is always love to give and it doesn't take much to say something nice to brighten someone elses day. You have no idea what that one compliment could do to someone, they may really need cheering up and just by taking the time out of your day to share something nice you've put a smile on someones face. The best bit about the campaign is being told how many people I made smile, I can honestly say that made me feel crazy happy, knowing that I was bringing happiness to someone else! I am sorry I couldn't tweet everyone I really wish I could of tweeted everyone something nice, but I attempted! I am very surprised I didn't get blocked from twitter at all! Apologies to anyone who got annoyed by my 'spam' but my heart was in the right place. I got so many lovely replies back, from my favourite bloggers and even my favourite documentar! Although I couldn't share of all the lovely replies with you, I thought I would make a collage of my faves/the nicest ones!

I think I might start #sharelove as a weekly or monthly thing just so people can share compliments with other bloggers who they love, but wouldn't usually tweet what do you guys think?