Primark// South Beach
I decided to have a bit of fun with some of my reviews and compare them to other products, that way it shows all sides of both pros and cons! Although I can't link you to the Primark Gymwear as it's not online, I can tell you, you will more than likely be able to find them in your nearest Primark Store! South Beach* are online site which are all about Swimwear, Lounge wear and of course Fitness.


South Beach; I have found many positives when it comes to South Beach, firstly being they know the fashion when it comes to fitness fashion. They provide the sort of Gym wear which you wouldn't mind walking around in after your workout as it does look good and fits well. I love the pattern on my particular one as you can get bottoms to match which looks great, but the top half also goes with plain shorts too, great for mixing it. The South Beach fitness wear fits really well and is easy to wash and is long lasting! I love the huge range which they have, which suits lots of different body shapes and they have anything from shorts to leggings and Sports Bras to t-shirts to hoodies all in bright out there colours which I think looks fab, you may as well have statement gym wear!

Primark; I have bought a lot of my essential basics from Primark e.g. plain shorts, and work out tops. They have a lot of different colours and items for different sports such as running and yoga. I do like the price which they charge for their products as it is cheap as Primark is known for, they even go as far as having trainers, I think it's a great idea for when you just start out and don't want to invest a lot of money in case, the sport isn't for you- still a fab range and great for a budget ranging from £4-10.


South Beach; I don't really have many cons when it comes to South Beach, it fits well and looks great on. I do happen to think that the price might be too high for some people as you have to buy them individually to make up the sets. But I guess you do pay for good quality and nice branding, that's what makes the product special!

Primark; But I don't think they're as desirable as they could be, although I can't fault the money side of things, I don't particularly think they are the sort of thing I would go wear whilst working out at the gym....maybe the shorts! But I feel the tops show a little bit too much and don't give great support like a sports bra should. I would definitely want to wear something over the top to feel more covered up, although I think it's great Primark are spreading out into fitness wear, if you plan on needing it for a longer period in time it's definitely worth investing.

The Verdict:
Although I love Primark for their prices and huge ranges of stuff, I feel like with their sports wear it's not as nice looking as it could be and feels a bit flimsy to me therefore I wouldn't want to wear it to the gym, although the price is awesome and worth it if you are starting out. I would say it's well worth investing in some more expensive gym wear as it lasts longer and especially if you are into the bright prints, pretty colours and cool designs it's well worth checking out South Beach.