As it's fast approaching Summer, all of the pretty colours and gorgeous shoe designs are coming out, makes a change from the boots and trainers. I have never really worn many heels due to having a more dark style but over the past few years I've loved letting my girly side out, and heels are the perfect way to do this, they even make a pair of jeans and a tee look fabulous! 

New Look Heels Wishlist

One. If I could wear these shoes every single day without getting my feet wet, hurting or me falling over I actually would- they are such a beautiful pastel colour and height is something that I definitely need. I would buy these as more of casual shoe rather than an everyday shoe even though they are gorgeous and I could quite happily wear them forever. 

Two. How beautiful are these shoes? I love everything about them, especially the striking colour about them, although I couldn't walk in them in a million years they are so Lush and something I would love to wear if I could. The would be perfect for a night out or a few drinks in a cocktail bar!

Three. These shoes have such a gorgeous print on them, I love the height on these heels again they may be a bit harsh on your feet to wear all day everyday but on occasion and when you're going out I think they would be the perfect little treat. I think these shoes would be perfect on holiday also, for going out for a posh meal or when visiting the bars. 

Four. I think these are the prettiest colour in the build up to Summer, such a gorgeous peach colour and they've got a better support to walk in, I love the style of these shoes and would happily buy these as they are beyond gorge and wouldn't break the bank! 

Five. These out of all of the six pairs of shoes I would say these are the most acceptable to wear on a daily basis as they have more support and are slightly lower than the others. These are lush baby pink colour and will definitely be getting added to my collection at some point, and I shall wear them everywhere.. except maybe to bed. 

Six. The perfect holiday shoes, I love a bit of a wedge easier to walk in than normal heels but the same height, I adore the print on these as it's so pretty, girly and it stands out. I could happily invest in these not sure how great they are for English weather but if you are going on holiday I think it's a must have!