Handmade burger Co chips

handmade burger co

 As a bit of a treat to ourselves me and Luke decided to head to Handmade Burger Co, in Birmingham it was Lukes first time of visiting the Handmade Burger Co, but when he saw all of the different options of burgers on the menu, he's now decided we shall be making many more visits. With me being vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised with their extensive choice of veggie options, rather than their just being one or two. I went for the Cajun vegetable and bean burger and Luke went for the Chilli Extreme Infusion after it was suggested as a good choice to him by the server. We also had a side of Cajun chips (Cajun overload for meeeee!) and Peri Peri Chips- yum!

I love the Handmade Burger Co, as the food is fresh, made quickly and the staff are ever so lovely. After a bit of a misjudgement of the size of chips, with our burgers we were a bit full to eat all of the chips so ended up leaving some of them, but it's always a good thing when you're extremely full after a meal! My burger was lush, I added some mozzarella as I am addicted to the stuff at the moment, due to being a bit more spicy than I thought because I am a bit silly with a spice over load, it took me a fair while and a few (dozen) glasses of diet coke to eat my burger, but it was beyond yummy! Luke demolished his in a matter of minutes, and said it wasn't even that spicy... is he broken?! It was such a lovely meal together and we will definitely be taking another visit!