Recently I visited Victoria's Secret in Birmingham (still SO happy that there is one!) I took a little trip to their beauty section and saw that they had a fabulous offer on, 7 for £30 instead of their usual 5 for £30 which is still pretty good. I dragged my boyfriend round for at least half an hour looking at all of the different bottles and smelling them and testing them! In the end I went for two body lotions, two body and hand moisturisers and three fragrance mists- despite already owning a ton of them!

I first received one of their gorgeous moisturisers in an a beauty swap I did last year, (which you can read all about here) it was Love Spell which is featured above, I smelt it and it just reminded me of being on holiday it's a very girly and pretty smell. All of their body moisturisers are filled with Avocado and Almond oils as well as honey. Amber Romance reminds of sun cream, but a bit of a sweeter smelling one I do love the smell of sun cream so it suits me just fine! Their moisturisers are fab for your hand as they're not too heavy and are in pretty lovely packaging, always worth carrying around!

Second I went for the body lotions this isn't a product that I had tried by VS before so I decided I would give them ago, they are fabulous for hydrating skin and also leaving them smelling gorge! I picked the two which I felt smelt the nicest, Endless Love and Such A flirt. Endless love has a much stronger scent to it, but smells sweet and girly and I am in love with it, and Such a Flirt is more subtle smelling, but still leaves a gorgeous scent, definitely one to go for if you aren't a huge fan overpowering scents.

Finally my favourite the Body Mists, I have been obsessed with these since I went to Manchester with Katrina last may (read about that here) I went to the states last summer and decided against buying more after finding out there was soon to be one built in Birmingham. I decided to go with Total Attraction, Pure Seduction Blush and Charm secret, although I am terrible at explaining scents I shall give it my best go! I was firstly drawn to Pure Seduction due to the different packaging, there are various colours with different fragrances, I went for this one as it's quite girly and I love pink, I feel it has quite a fruity scent about it. My favourite one is Secret Charm as I feel it is the most elegant smelling, it's fabulous to wear to work or just to university as it's not overpowering but still has a gorgeous smell about it. Finally is Total Attraction, which is very sweet smelling and can be quite a strong smell, so if you aren't one of those avoid this one. Out of the three I like this one when I am going for a strong perfume!

Have you treated yourself to anything from Victorias Secret since it's been in the UK?