Idolization or obsession?

This is a topic which affects celebrities and even some Youtubers' and now even bloggers. Throughout my time on social media I have seen this to a whole new level, obviously with a celebrity status comes a huge responsibility of a following but it can have a scary side which involves stalkers and people threatening to end their own life in regards to a twitter follow from their ideal. People crying about not getting a favourite or a follow, surely this is obsession? I can understand idolizing people, their are some fabulous people out there and deserve to idolized but their is a HUGE difference.

You can idolize someone and think they're damn fabulous, read/watch them. Comment on their youtube posts, write them nice things and even send them fan mail but where is the line between idolizing someone and obsessing over them?  Well in my opinion obsession is spending a majority of your day online tweeting/commenting and making accounts about your idol, tweeting them from it and sending SO many tweets until they notice you, but even if they do notice you it's probably for the wrong reasons, people need to realize that their Idol is also a lot of other peoples too and if they are all doing the same as you, the tweets will drown in a pool of tweets and they can't reply back to every or even follow them can you imagine how much of their day that would take up? I feel you can still be just as much as a fan with occasional tweets in reply to theirs and just watch their videos and read their blogs.

I don't think the extremes it has been taken to are okay.  imagine how the person on the other end feels, when people are trying to find out every single detail about them in regards to be a bigger than the next person. Following them after gigs or signings to try find out where they stay. The reason they do signings and shows is to get involved with their fans and even attempt to meet them but in a save environment for everyone. In regards to idolizing someone I get it, people do amazing things and deserve all the credit they get, but there's a fine line and you must not cross it. I have seen several Directioners who are a part of their fandom, on twitter threaten to end their own life for a follow, surely you can see how wrong this is. Because at the end of the day they can't follow everyone but threatening to end your own LIFE, do you know how bad and how much of a huge threat that is. It's not even a joke it's worrying and it's a serious thing to talk about, you can't just throw that out there. I hear people saying how they want to be famous but when you see the darker side behind it, would you still be the same? Celebrities love comments and feedback but where is the line of taking it too far and what is acceptable as far it goes.