Apologies that there is two blog posts live today, but this one a bit of a spur of the moment thing! Most of you will know today is International Women's Day! I love the fact there is a day to celebrate Women. It's a great day because we can appreciate each other and instead of being against people remember we are women and how far women have come in achieving equal equality! This years theme is to 'make it happen' so whatever you dreams are, whatever you want to achieve no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, you can do it and I am proud of you! It's awesome that women are being seen for more than just their beauty and actually for their brains, courageousness, strength and many more things! We need to remember there are still things which are standing between women being equal, maybe not as much in Britain as other countries, but we need started having no rights against men, and now it's about the celebration of being equal to men, we are all human and it's about time we started to all get treated the exact same, because at the end of the day no-one is higher than anyone.

Just thought I'd show you my favourite inspirational women's day images!