I was recently contacted by Avenue 32 about creating a post about inspiration for Fashion Week, as there's so many taking around the world I thought it would be a perfect post to show off the gorgeous clothes which are being featured in the Designer world but also to put my own personal style stamp on it. In my post I have featured some gorgeous designers which are Frame Denim, Alexander Wang, Culter and Gross 3.1 Phillip Lim and Paul Andrew.  I picked these items featured due to loving them and being something that I think I would wear in real life (these may slightly be out of my price range at the moment for a broke student!) I love the bags by 3.1 Phillip Lim they are some of the most stunning and bright bags I have ever seen and I just want them all! Alexander Wang has always been one of my favourite designers so I had to feature one of his gorgeous pieces on there!

I love how simplistic the outfit it is, but it still stands out with the contrast of the blue bag against the other items. I always see sunglasses at Fashion Week so they needed to be on there, I went for the round framed ones as they are awesome and suit a lot of face shapes, I love the Leather jeans they are gorgeous, and I would quite happily wear these as part of an everyday outfit as they are comfortable and bang on trend. I never thought the day of me loving a white shirt would come after having to wear them at school for so long- but I actually love this I think the two look great together. Finally the shoes are gorgeous and I think just tie up the outfit, giving it a classy feel which is stylish and at the same time provides that comfort and is also perfect for any weather which may come your way as it isn't too cold or or too warm, win all round!

Avenue 32 wishlist