Girly wishlist

//Erasers//Mug//Ted Baker Notebook (Similar here)//Tango Handbag (Similar one here)//
Bracelet//Headband (Get similar here)//Phone Case (Similar available from Forever21)//
//Rose Petals// Perfume (similar here)//

Bit of a random collection of things for this wishlist, I went for the theme girly and decided to share with you all of the 'girly' things currently on my lust list! 

Iwako Erasers- Aren't these just the cutest thing you've ever seen?! They actually look edible, I could imagine these in a little tea party, as far as erasers go I love that there isn't just one type anymore of boring block in a few colours I love that it's something that's expanded into this, they are pretty good erasers too (not like those ones which leave horrible marks on the pages) perfect for art students or school, I haven't used the Doughnut one as it can be my little desk mascot! 

Cat Unicorn Mug- I am currently on the look out for gorgeous mugs, plates and bowls for my upcoming move out, I found this online and think it is just adorable, I think mugs are the perfect way to show personality in the kitchen! 

Ted Baker Notebook- I love the design of this notebook it's so girly and has some gorgeous features to it, like inside it has white pages but from the outside they look bright pink and it even has a cute front cover where you can write your name and address in case the book gets lost! 

Jones Bookmaker Bag- It's not often I'd go for a bag like this, but it looks so gorgeous I couldn't resist adding it to my list, I have recently become more of a handbag girl and I am looking to expand out my collection and this looks perfect for my next statement piece. 

Pandora Bracelet- A girls dream right? To own something from Pandora- I adore this bracelet one because it's Pandora and two because of the infinity symbol, which has a significant meaning to me, I how elegant this bracelet and how you can wear it without it being heavy or the way! 

Floral Headband- I've had a bit of a love hate relationship with these over the years, and I've decide I prefer the ones which are on actual headband as they seem to stay in my hair better, I love the colours featured on this beauty, and it is definitely something I would wear this summer! 

Watermelon Phone Case- Now this is something that I need in my life, I love phone cases which stand out, I think they look epic and create an awesome statement, the only problem is needing to always carry a bag due to it not being able to fit in your pocket, still fab though. 

Rose Petals- I thought these would make a little bit of a change for my bath from all of the products I've currently been using, gives your bath that extra girly touch and would go perfect with some candles and a bottle of wine, or a nice book! 

Harajuku Perfume- I think the design for these perfumes is fabulous, so many different little personalities, and each perfume bottle matches the scent inside. It's like matching your personality with a perfume, I've found these are lightweight, cute and smell lushious and would also look amazing all lined up on a shelf next to each other, I went for the pink ones as it's girly and smells fruity and gorge. The best thing about these perfumes is that they are purse friendly!

What is on your wishlist at the moment?