As most of you will probably know that Saturday is Valentines Day, love it or hate it is celebrated in most places in the world, and even if you're single I still think it's nice as it's a day of love and people showing their love for others, look at me getting all soppy. If you're in a relationship a lot of the time gifts are exchanged, from pretty flowers to the huge heart balloons. But now as well as those things other things are being bought which some people think is great, such as clothes, jewellery and even stationary, everywhere you go there are gorgeous things to show your loved ones that they mean the world to you! I thought I'd make a wishlist of all of the cute things I've seen around and which would be perfect for valentines day or the perfect gift.  

Pandora Ring*- As soon as I saw this ring I fell in love with it, there's just something about it which says elegance to me, the flowers make it so it is able to worn all year round, which to me would be perfect and symbolize your love and lets face it who doesn't want a Pandora ring? I reviewed the Pandora ring here.

Jimmy Choo Perfume- This bottle of perfume looks super girly and fits in with the theme of valentines day and also with diamonds are a girls best friend, this is a lovely smelling perfume which I think most women would enjoy and great for date nights.

Jane Norman Dress*- This is perfect for valentines day night itself, if you plan on taking your other half out for a meal, this would give her the chance to feel glamours and not have to stress about what she is going to wear, I went with this one as it's elegant and I love the pink colour as it fits very well with the theme of love and valentines day. 

Love Hamper- If you want to spoil your other half with chocolate and romantic treats this is the thing for you, with an already built hamper and it looks luxurious, and it's great for the perfect night in with netflix and cuddles.