Although the end of Winter is fast approaching, I am a boots kinda girl, 3 quarters of the year. So I always have a few staple pairs which I match with my outfits, the good thing I find about boots is that they match with just about anything, I even wear some boots with dresses (not as weird as it sounds..) to give it a more casual look. The first pair of boots are perfect for everyday looks with jeans and t-shirt, I personally wear the second pair on special occasions or when it's not slippery (read further down to understand) and finally the last pair of boots I wear with just about everything to just about every place and I am surprised they are in as good condition as they even after 6 months! 

Clarks*- No longer on sale

I don't often shop in Clarks, I used to when I was I was younger, like most kids for my school shoes, but I was offered the chance to review a pair from their womens range and I decided to go with these beauties as they're right down my street, I love boots which have a bit of a heel on and are chunky and have some kind of spikes on them. I've had some boots similar in the past but these ones are the best because they have a zip on the side but still have the effect that they are laced up, the only problem I have found with these boots are the material they are in is hard to clean, but other than that I love these boots and wear them everyday.

 Kurt Geiger now £49.99

When I bought these they were officially the most expensive boots I've ever owned and I love the fact how much this style suits my look. The spikes are an added bonus, I love the buckles and the way they hang down the boots. I often find myself nearly slipping over when I wear these boots, but even if I don't wear them, I love to look at them... *I'm weird okkkkk*  these are a different style than what I would usually go for and a bit less 'gothic' as opposed the other boots I've had previously, but I do love them and would happily keep them forever and ever and ever etc.

 River Island- No longer on sale
I saw these boots the day after I bought my Kurt Geiger ones and kind of regretted spending that much money on the KG's as I like these the same if not more and they only cost £50 and they're everything I usually go for in a pair of boots, plus they have a bit more of a heel on them which gives me a few more inches considering I'm only 5'3 (short alert!) I get a lot of compliments on these boots, probably because they stand out half way across town but I will keep wearing these until they wear down or I pull out the sandals whichever comes first!