Call my agent- £5.99*

As everyone on the planet knows, this weekend it's valentines day! For those who are loved up it's a day to dress in red and go on dates and for those who aren't a night in with the girls or a pizza and netflix day which both seem pretty good to me! I always love painting my nails but I am pretty terrible at it to say the least, I always tend to use fake nails of some sort, I have been aware of the brand Impress for sometime as I've bought their nails previously and although they don't stay on for aslong as I'd like they look great for the time as to which they are on and can get them in so many designs and colours. I think the colour 'Call my agent' is perfect for valentines day and who says you can't have pretty nails whilst having a pizza and netflix day! I am forever trialling different brands of fake nails, whether it's ones with nail glue or stick on glue, I have to say these are one of the best for the stick on ones as you peel off the back, press down on your nail and hold! They are also on the cheaper end of the scale as far as fake nails goes as I've paid up to £20 just for drug store ones!