I never thought I'd be one of the people who blog with their other half but me and the boyfriend decided that we would join up and post a feature about a topic with both of our opinions included. We've decided to call it His say, Her say and make it a monthly feature on both of our blogs! If there is any future topics you want to see in the future tweet one of us! This weeks topic is online dating the 'new' way to date? By this we mean the way most people in 2015 start dating or meet people, With so many ways to meet online e.g. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Dating Sites (Match.com & Plenty of Fish) and even more recently dating apps which I'm sure you've heard of like Tinder.

She Says:  I'd agree that is the new way to date, I mean you can meet people who have similar interests to yourself, you get to talk to them beforehand getting to know what they're like more, and you can even pick and choose what you want in a person by selecting certain things for example age, location, job. Things in real life from meeting a person in a bar, at work or wherever you meet you don't know before hand, people say online dating takes the excitement out of dating, being chatted up and flirting but I don't think it does. Based on my confidence level there's no way that I could go up to someone or be able to cope with someone flirting with me on a night out, I'd think they were joking or be so shocked that I wouldn't be able to comprehend any form of answer. Although being online does give you a false sense of confidence that you may loose when you meet the person face to face, but it also gives you the advantage of previously having being able to think about topics which you can talk about on the date.

You have somewhat of an idea of who they are, what they look like, what they do as a job that sort of thing can go along way. I do have my doubts about online dating as much as the next person after watching countless episodes of Catfish, I mean the whole crazy idea pops into my head like me on Catfish after talking to this 60 year old man or even someone who doesn't like any of the things we've spoke about and is a completely different person, now that puts me off. None the less I've been on dates via Tinder and even though some of them weren't exactly how I pictured, they had the interests, looks and did what they said online. The only thing which I found people lied about would be their height, due to them being short they'd add a couple of inches. Me and Luke met online, at first we would tell people we met through university because we were scared of our families reactions but it turns out there's no need to hide it, it's 2015 and online dating is just something that happens whether you're 20 or 60, anyone can online date. Although it's only been 5 months I find myself a lot more attracted to him and have a lot more in common than him than previous boyfriends who I've met through friends or at college, so in my eyes online dating is the new and best way to date.

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