Some of you may know back at the start of January I became a vegetarian again after being one for five years from the age of 13 and then eating a cheese burger (long story). Anyways along with being vegetarian I decided it was time to loose some of the weight I'd put on over the last three years, 3 stone to be precise and after trying countless diets last year e.g. slimming world, 5:2 and weight watchers which work perfectly for some people I just couldn't stick to them, so I set my self a target to loose that weight and be happy with my body once again. 

So I decided that I would use the app my fitness pal which some of you may of heard of, which basically counts your steps, you add your food to it by scanning or typing in the amount of calories and also by exercise. When you set up the app you put your target weight in and put how many lbs a week you want to loose, which I put 2lb leaving me with 1200 calories and more if I exercise and burn them off and I'm not going to lie I've had a few slip ups Pizza hut and Chinese *ahem* but that's okay I've worked extra hard the following day to sort it out, as I felt extra guilty. In my eyes it about enjoying things you like e.g. chocolate but in smaller amounts or different forms, or making homemade pizzas which still give you the same amount of pleasure but with fewer calories. 

I've been making a lot meals and experimenting with different things and I am not saying any of these foods are the healthiest or anything like that but they work for me and compared to the countless Mcdonalds, KFC, takeaways and junk food I was eating before I think I've done pretty damn well. I've already dropped a dress size and I have lost 8lbs which makes me on target so far, I'm excited to see what the future holds and what is like to be the skinny girl I used to be. If you are interested in keeping up with daily pictures of my meals check out my instagram