I've wanted to own a piece of Jewellery from Pandora for as long as I can remember, walking past the shop, seeing all the pretty charms in the window, all the glistening earrings and lovely rings. Growing up I would never of been trusted enough with expensive Jewellery! Recently I was offered the chance to review some beautiful Jewellery from Joshua James, I was ecstatic. Joshua James Jewellery is an independent jewelers which stock the likes of Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Troll Beads. Although wanting a charm bracelet is something I have wanted for some time I decided against getting one, due to seeing this beautiful ring. The Pandora Silver & White Enamel Multulpe Flower Ring*.

Rings aren't something I usually wear but I made an exception for this beauty, I love the flowers on the ring they look so elegant and it's the sort of ring which would go with anything and with Spring approaching I think it would perfect alongside outfits. It's girly and a few years ago if you had told me I'd love anything flowery or girly I would of laughed, but since growing up a little all I can think about is pretty jewellery!

I like the idea of wearing a ring because for me, it's something different, I am usually more of a necklace kinda girl and will always be on the lookout for a new necklace, so it does makes a change. When it arrived it's pretty white packaging and had the word Pandora on the box, the box was a black velvet inside (posh stuff!) I was stunned it looked even more gorgeous than it did on the website,