This is a question I have been asked myself many times in my life and I'll tell you it blows, being told you are ugly for the things which are beyond your control! Being told I am ugly because I have spots and an ugly face, something that happened to me a lot at school. What the bullies can't seem to grasp is that you can't change your face which I highly doubt you can do, what I will never understand is why people think it is okay to pick on others for their looks! Oh you've got a big nose, yeah I forgot I can make it smaller, you have spots yeah I choose for them to appear on my skin every single day. I was constantly bullied for my acne, I still remember it like it was yesterday the worst part of it was when I walked into a classroom and someone had drew a huge drawing of a face and covered it in spots and labelled it me, it was hideous and after that moment I never looked at myself the same again.

 I even got bullied for trying to fix the things which were "wrong" with myself, braces were a personal favorite. I never told anyone and it really dented my confidence and to this day I don't think I'll get over some of the comments which were made and when I am having a bad day I look at myself and it all comes flooding back. But why is it okay to call someone ugly and make them feel like that? I am glad to say the day I left school everything picked up, I experimented with fashion trying to discover myself, went to the doctors to try get the acne sorted and but I am afraid I still have a big nose, but I am sure I'll get over that. Everyone has their flaws, and I remember being told they only bully you because they are jealous and although it probably isn't true it helped me to believe that and thanks to the bullies who made my life hell but you've made me the person I am today, I am not that girl who took everything you said and believed it anymore, I am me.