So it has been forever since I have done one of these, but I have a few different things I've been doing and wanted to share the blog love, this also has a few things from last weekend. So what have I been doing? Well last weekend I had a lovely night in with one of my best friends and ended up getting quite drunk and the rest is history, but I find some funny photos of us on my phone (not my best picture gotta admit!) Managed to get through a bottle of Cactus Jacks, that stuff is amazing. I have been having a LOT of driving lessons in preparation for my test which is coming up at some point this week *nervous face*. I decided it would be cute to put some lemonade in a jar because who wants to use a glass when you can use a jar?! & finally my cat decided to get herself into the paper and just chill and I found it so funny that I just had to share.

Blogs posts I heart: She Might Be Loved- Sophisticated Curves, Beautrina- The Secret Gardens, The Beauty Baker- MAC The Osbournes Range & Rachel Nicole- Ocean Stripes
Tune of the week: The Vamps Ft Demi Lovato- Somebody To You.