Is being skinny really that important? Myself and some friends have recently been struggling with the fact that we aren't the same weight we used to be and are trying different diets in an attempt to loose weight. Whilst flicking through the pages of a popular magazine whilst being bored at work and it occurred to me within those few pages which I saw that the girls were all stick thin, no "plus sized girls" promoting the fashion within the pages they were all stick thin girls, I never used to have any problems with my weight I used to be a size six but the problems that came with that I barely used to eat due to being depressed I would skip meals or just eat a pack of crisps but at the time that was fine to me. When I finally became happier and ate properly I went the complete opposite way, and although I am trying to do something about it I don't feel any different about myself I am still the same happy me and I don't think my weight should matter. Whilst looking through another magazine it had some celebrities in the magazine who had gained weight and it was all over the cover criticizing the fact that the had they had gained weight! They are celebrities and their every move is watched but I don't see why the fact that they had gained weight was such a big deal to the magazine and why people read them? Maybe that's just me. It shocks me that in this day and age being different is such a good thing, why do we need to be thin to be happy, are we not beautiful if we have a few extra pounds? In my opinion everyone is beautiful weather they are a size 6 or a size 26, it honestly makes no difference as long as you are confident in your own skin and it sucks to be honest that someone who is "overweight" or even "underweight" gets criticized for it, if they are happy in their own skin- let them be. Not everything in the entire world should revolve around your dress size. After all, as long as you are healthy it shouldn't matter your size.