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Lifestyle// Is being skinny really THAT important?

Is being skinny really that important? Myself and some friends have recently been struggling with the fact that we aren't the same weight we used to be and are trying different diets in an attempt to loose weight. Whilst flicking through the pages of a popular magazine whilst being bored at work and it occurred to me within those few pages which I saw that the girls were all stick thin, no "plus sized girls" promoting the fashion within the pages they were all stick thin girls, I never used to have any problems with my weight I used to be a size six but the problems that came with that I barely used to eat due to being depressed I would skip meals or just eat a pack of crisps but at the time that was fine to me. When I finally became happier and ate properly I went the complete opposite way, and although I am trying to do something about it I don't feel any different about myself I am still the same happy me and I don't think my weight should matter. Whilst looking through another magazine it had some celebrities in the magazine who had gained weight and it was all over the cover criticizing the fact that the had they had gained weight! They are celebrities and their every move is watched but I don't see why the fact that they had gained weight was such a big deal to the magazine and why people read them? Maybe that's just me. It shocks me that in this day and age being different is such a good thing, why do we need to be thin to be happy, are we not beautiful if we have a few extra pounds? In my opinion everyone is beautiful weather they are a size 6 or a size 26, it honestly makes no difference as long as you are confident in your own skin and it sucks to be honest that someone who is "overweight" or even "underweight" gets criticized for it, if they are happy in their own skin- let them be. Not everything in the entire world should revolve around your dress size. After all, as long as you are healthy it shouldn't matter your size.


  1. I've learn the hard way that skinny doesn't make you happy. It also doesn't make you fun or the person you really are if you aren't naturally meant to be that way. I'm sick of people being criticised for what they weigh, I've finally decided life's too short to count calories or be governed by the number on the scale. Fab post. x

  2. Like you say, it really depends on what makes you happy, it's a really individual thing. I agree about magazines etc slating women who appear to have gained weight. That's why I never read the Daily Mail, they are notorious for it xx

  3. I lost a lot of weight in a poor fashion and my self esteem is lower than ever now. When I was bigger it never struck me that I might not be happy with my weight until someone pointed it out to me!

    s xo

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  5. I personally think that a healthy body is far more important than a skinny body. As long as you're not severely overweight and happy with yourself, you're good to go! Of course, some trends look better on skinny shapes but there are some that I couldn't pull off, even though I wear a size 6-8 depending on the cut!
    Elina |

  6. I HATE magazines now! Well the fashion girly ones. There is so so much wrong with them and I honestly think as long as they are written how they are written now, women will never be equal to men because of how much we belittle each other and how many petty women write about celebrities weights and love lives and utter bull shit like that (scuse my language - sexism and body image are two things I'm extremely passionate about!) I wrote a post on body image recently, and another on why I hate magazines! I don't give a monkeys what celebs are up to *yawn* also don't care what people look like! Everyone should be accepted in their natural form! For me it's tiny and slim, but with big boobs. I got so much shit at school for it. Girls poked me in my stomach for crying out loud! How is that ever OK?! And got called a slut for having boobs... girls do it to each other and then complain that they're insecure? Madness! xo

  7. This is such a great post lovely (: Magazines make weight seem so important but being healthy is what they should be promoting. I hate seeing celebs being hated on for their weight especially when they have just had a baby :/ Sillyness! xx

  8. What a great post. I feel so sorry for celebrities that get criticised on putting on a pound or something. Everybody should just be worried about themselves and no one else x

  9. People need to be healthy and happy. You can want to change the way your body looks as long as you understand that changing your weight won't make you happy, and you need to be happy at your current weight. Loving your body doesn't mean you can't still loose weight, it just means you want to improve or try something new, like getting a hair cut. I do think there is too much pressure put on people, primarily women, to loose weight and be a smaller size and this isn't okay, unless somebody's health is at risk people should be encouraged to love their bodies and not be encouraged to change them.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  10. I think it really depends person to person. I'm still a lot smaller than many people who are comfortable with their weight but I find myself tired, headachy, unable to breath and move as well as I used to now I'm a size 14 rather than an 8. So I'm trying lose weight for health reasons instead of worrying that I'm not as pretty.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  11. Everyone is different, I've never been any smaller than a size 12 in my adult life and I genuinely think if i was any smaller than that I'd look poorly! Every body is designed to be a difference shape whether it's curvy or slim... I hate all these labels!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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