If you follow me on twitter you may be aware that I have been posting considerably less than I usually do which is strange for me as I always nearly manage to a lot everyday so it's fair to say I've had a very busy month I am unsure where June has gone at all to be honest this year is just flying by and it's very strange to know that we are now in July but I am also happy about this as it means it is getting closer to my Florida holiday each and every day does a little dance. So what have I been doing this month which has made so busy I hear you ask? Well lets start from the beginning of the month. I started the month snowed under with university work and I am happy to say I have passed my first year and although it hasn't been easy at times I am proud of myself for sticking with it and passing, then my contract changed at work which means working for longer hours but less days which means I end up missing some blogger chats some weeks but it also gives me a lot more time when I do have to blog and do other things. 

Then I booked in my driving test for later on in July which means I have been having as many driving lessons as humanly possible to make sure I am up to standard when it comes to my driving test, I have also been organizing a blogger meet up with my lovely friend Katrina which is happening on the 19th of July in Birmingham (tweet me for more info!) and if that wasn't enough I went on two trips away and hardly used my phone at all, the first was to visit my grandparents in Yorkshire and as I hardly see them I wanted to make the most of it and they took me to Blackpool for the day, if you want to read about that click here and when I got drunk with one of my best friends we decided for her birthday we would plan a spontaneous trip to Blackpool, so I spent a few days there and hardly looked at my phone at all as I was having so much fun drinking, arcading and eating (another post to follow soon) so basically I just thought I would write this post to let you know where I've been and that I will be throwing myself back into my blog 110% for the rest of summer until I go to Florida, and I would love to line up some guest posters for when I go Florida so let me know if you would be interested! I hope you have enjoyed this post which is a bit more personal to me and if you would love to read more posts like this do feel free to let me know in the comments!