I was recently speaking to Jewellery Box a newly launched company who specialize in gold and silver jewellery and have something for everyone, a lot of companies online sell Jewellery but I feel this one has extra special touch, their website is great for locating exactly what you want, it is also very clean and has a minimalist feel about it which I like when searching on websites. I was kindly sent two pieces to review; An open heart necklace which retails at £5.00 & a gorgeous infinity bracelet which is £12.50. I was delighted with these and impressed with how quickly they came. All of their Jewellery comes comes in cute little boxes with a personal touch inside, I was super impressed with the little pegs that clipped my Jewellery onto the piece of card, it's something that makes you feel what you are getting is special and actually means something to the company which I always appreciate. Although a lot of their Jewellery is budget it friendly it certainly doesn't look it and doesn't look cheap and isn't plated which is always a good thing as it tends to go green or brown after a few times of wearing it. When trying to think of negative or improvements to write in this review I honestly have none for this company and would recommend them to anyone. 

*I was sent two pieces of Jewellery for my honest review!