So yesterday me and my lovely best friend Char joined this gym, this is something we've both wanted to do for some time to loose a bit of weight after looking back at old pictures we decided it was something we wanted to do, so we went and visited a womens only gym and well signed up! I am going to Florida in a few months and as well as doing Weight Watchers and I thought this would be next move, so where next? Of course picking some gym clothes and I mean they're not the most flattering thing in the world but I still want some nice gym clothes (might even do a post in my gym clothes!) but the thing I want to spend the most money on is a pair of shoes. Looking online I've fell in love with several pairs of shoes and I would love them all, but sadly some of them are out of my price range, but I can wish right? If you know any places where you can get reasonably priced gym shoes, let me know in the comments. 

1. Nike- Aren't these the most gorgeous coloured trainers you've ever seen, the pink and orange look so good together! I'd feel so good entering the gym in these bad boys! 
Price: £80
2. Sports Direct- These are Nike again, and once again brightly coloured the main reason I love them. I do love the pink and the blue together and these are more in my price range!
Price: £31.99 
3. Sports Direct- You got it, another pair of beautiful Nikes, the pink and the black go so well together this is one of my faves out of the bunch, so pretty!
Price: £37.00
4. Sports Direct Yet another pair from Sports Direct and another pair of Nikes, but these are so amazing I love the bright pink soles, these are definitely a pair I'd love to wear to the gym!
Price: £45.00
5. Sports Shoes- Yet another pair of gorgeous of Nike trainers. Nike really need to stop making so many nice shoes in so many pretty colours, another bright pair of course!
Price: £41.95
6. Online Shoes- Different to all of the others I've picked so far, still bright just a bit of a different style, would love these on my feet whilst doing a work out in the gym! 
Price: £50.21
7. Sports Direct- These are Adidas trainers, and slightly less bright than my other choices, and look amazing quality and still have the pink one them which I love!
Price: £30.00
8. Sports Direct- Slightly less bright than the others, but still equally as lovely are these Nike Air Musios they are lovely and look great for working out in! 
Price: £32.00