Since I've started Dungarees&Donuts I have noticed that there isn't really any posts talking just about me and who I am, so I decided I would change that with the 20 facts about me post. I don't usually talk about me and it's probably because I am boring but my blog is more of a brand under Dungarees&Donuts rather than a blog about me, Jess. So 20 facts, here goes nothing:

1. My full name is Jessica Leigh Thristan
2. I was born on Friday 13th- Freaky.
3. I am studying film and television production at university.
4. I had braces for five years. 
5. I work at Sainsburys
6. My biggest fears are spiders, heights and death.
7. I didn't wear make-up until I was 15
8. I am such a messy person, you should see my bedroom!
9. My favorite colour is pink
10. I look so different on my student ID people won't it's me.
11. I hate tea and coffee
12. I was a vegetarian for 5 years but I now only eat Beef and hotdogs
13. I have always had a full fringe.
14. I have watched every episode of the inbetweeners at least 50 times.
15. When I was 16 I decided my style icon would be Effy from skins.
16. I own over 150 lipsticks, oops. 
17. I am 5'2 and a HALF.
18. I am a marmite lover, it's so nice.
19. I swear far too much.
20. I have been learning to drive for a year and a half..

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