This year is just flying by, I can't believe one it's Sunday again feels like I am forever writing these things and two it's the 18th of May, it'll be Christmas again before we know it! Not been up to much this week just finishing off the final bits at university then I'll be on summer *does a little dance* once again went on an adventure to a different city in need of some decent shops and found Coventry and I love it I think I'll be going back again, even better than that they have an Ikea in the city centre... Probably only me who finds that awesome? 

My week in pictures: The coolest ice cream I've ever seen, I mean who doesn't want a silver Magnum, My American Beauty goodies (post up on these babies later on in the week!), Coventry Ikea in the city center I looked slightly crazy for taking this! & Finally the weird things I see in my town, a guy sitting on "nothing"

Blog Lovin':
 Laura- Another new favourite of mine, I made Laura's design and couldn't help but find myself reading her content along the way, she has some amazing posts & pictures.
Rebecca- A long time favorite of mine this girl really knows how to work clothes, she looks stunning in pretty much every outfit I've seen on her blog and a super lovely girlie, worth a follow!