Hi guys, I hope you're all well and it's that time again when it's SUNDAY SUMMARY time *plays a completely made up theme tune* Whilst writing this I was so tired so it's a little crazy, so it's Sunday and what have I been doing this week? In a nice way of putting it, Jack all. So this week I fell in love with Propercorn & a full review of amazing this popcorn really is will be up this week. It was mine and Curts two year anniversary and as well as taking me out for a meal he made me this gorgeous meal the next day, my favorite foods all in one meal & he bought me a gorgeous Dior lipstick, of course I picked the colour! Finally I ended the week with making this stick painting on a huge piece of white cotton for my end of uni final project and went shopping in Birmingham, when don't I end the week with a good old shop? Never.
Hope you had a good week lovelies and it would mean the world to me if you could nominate Dungarees&Donuts for best new beauty blog here I'll give you a cookie if you do.. maybe.