This is by far the most random post I've ever written, now some of you may of read the tittle and be in utter shock, I am nineteen years old and until last night I'd never had a Domino's! Which even I admit is strange as I am the biggest pizza lover ever, so after hearing so many times that I NEED to try one I finally did, and oh my life, it was the best pizza I think I have ever tasted it's in a whole new league of pizza. Now why am I writing this is a post, two reasons first being I am a blogger and what's the fun in having a blog if I can't write about things! Secondly I wrote about it on twitter as a joke and decided it was actually quite a funny post idea, so here we are. So for my first Domino's I have a veggie supreme and a side of twisted doughballs but my boyfriend had demolished most of them before I had a chance to take a picture. Even my cat was looking at the pizza like "what is this greatness!" So basically my first Domino's tasted absolutely amazing and that garlic and herb dip it is to die for it's insanely amazing for crust dipping! 

What is your favorite domino's side?