When I first found about NYX I spent at least ten minutes in trying to say the name out loud and it was only until I heard it mentioned at Beauty UK that I learnt the correct way to say it! (It's like Niks rather than N Y X which is what I thought it was) So NYX, who are they? The brand is named after an ancient Greek goddess, the brand offer a huge range of products for getting ready on an evening to everyday products for achieving that perfect everyday look. In the space of a week I went from owning none of their products to 5. If you want any reviews on the products let me know!

The first was a butter lipstick my dad got from the states for me and the rest were from Beauty UK. All of the products are reasonably priced! I have heard some amazing things about their products and wanted to know what all of the fuss was about! The NYX glitter cream palette isn't something I would wear on a day out as it's very themed and would be more something I would wear on a night out or at Christmas, still gorgeous colours and I had to pick it up for the bargain price of £2.00. The Eyeshadow base is something I bought on a wim I have no idea if it is any good but I have faith, I will putting a full review up on this at a later date, but it looks like it will make my eyeshadow nice and bright and has a nice consistency. NYX Butter gloss, I have wanted one of these for a while now and they come in so many gorgeous colours like with the butter lipstick I love the word butter it makes it sound so soft and nice! I have tried the butter gloss yesterday and loved it, had a longer staying power than any of the lip gloss I've tried. The Butter Lipstick, I have not yet tried it but I will doing a full review on it, unsure if you are able to get this from the UK yet as I got mine from the states! Finally the lip liner, I have needed a good lip liner for ages and I am yet to try this but I am excited as I've read many good things about them, I really need to starting using lip liner more often!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you think of NYX and what is their favorite product of yours!